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AI-Powered Credit Analysis by SunScoreTM: Approve More, Risk Less- Credit Risk Assessment

The Revolutionary Approach to Financial Health and Credit Assessment

Uncover a consumer's true credit risk potential with SunScoreTM, as it taps into real-time financial transaction history and highlights key financial factors like income, assets, expenses, and financial volatility.
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Actionable Insights

SunScoreTM enables businesses to delve into their customers' financial health, presenting crucial insights on liquid assets, financial obligations, spending patterns, and beyond.

income verification


Unlock valuable insights about financial well-being by analyzing banking transactions with SunScoreTM, identifying essential details like gross and net pay, employment stability, and income sources.

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Data Clarity

SunScoreTMs innovative approach effectively refines, categorizes, and enriches disorganized transaction data, generating streamlined and trustworthy account activity.

Why SunScore™?

Accurate, Real-time AI Credit Assessment

With SunScoreTM's exceptional risk assessment and behavior prediction capabilities, our partners can optimize their approval process, resulting in a significant increase in the share of approved customer applications.


The vast majority of the U.S. adult population (95%) holds a bank account, offering a rich financial transaction history that surpasses the limitations of traditional credit reports.

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Traditional credit reports are plagued by material errors in approximately 20% of cases, highlighting the need for a more reliable alternative like financial transaction data, which boasts an error rate close to zero due to regulated, audited systems of record.

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While traditional credit report information may lag behind by 90 days or more, SunScoreTM utilizes real-time updated financial transaction data, providing timely and relevant information in seconds.

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Customers underwritten using the SunScoreTM, despite lacking an existing credit history, exhibit credit performance that matches or surpasses individuals with prime credit scores, showcasing the power of this innovative approach.

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How It Works


  • credit scoring tenant screening seamless api integration

    Seamless API integration, enabling you to collect customer contented financial data

  • credit scoring tenant screening frictionless UI pleasant customer experiences

    Hosted UI with white-labeled option, streamlining your workflow

  • credit scoring tenant screening get reports fast get reports in seconds

    Dynamic and real-time reports in seconds, empowering informed and timely decision making

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Use Cases

Real Estate

Streamline your rental screening processes with comprehensive, quick insights on applicants in seconds, including ID and employment verification.


Unlock growth potential. Expand customer approvals. Maximize portfolio performance.


Revolutionize income and asset validation. Tap into consumer financial transaction history for quick and accurate results.


Mitigate declinations, improve underwriting accuracy, optimize quote-to-bind efficiency.

Credit Card Networks

Unlock the potential for deeper customer connections. Enable issuers and merchants to offer customized programs and seamless integration solutions.


Amplify co-branded card programs. Cultivate loyalty and drive repeat business. Deliver a seamless customer experience at every counter or checkout.