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SunScore™ reinvents rental screening processes with comprehensive, actionable insights on applicants in seconds, including ID, income, and employment verifications.

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How it Works

Our seamless process accelerates tenant screening, providing you with more detailed and accurate results. Here's the step-by-step breakdown:

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Sign up on Sunrise AI and provide basic info for customized services.


Request Screening

Enter the details about your prospective tenants and start the screening process.


AI Analysis

Our AI swiftly and precisely evaluates tenant's financial health, factoring in various influences on their suitability.



In less than 5 min, receive a comprehensive report quickly to make informed and unbiased decisions.

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Why Choose SunScore™?

SunScore™ goes beyond traditional methods to fast track, secure and simplify the tenant screening process.

  • Time Effective: AI-powered solutions designed to streamline tenant services and boost your leasing time effectively.
  • Multi-Verification: We deliver comprehensive ID, income, and employment verifications, creating a safer and reliable rental network.
  • Key Financial Metrics: lease-to-income ratio, debt-to-income ratio,  number of months reserve, historical financial trends (2+ years)
  • AI-powered Forecast: Precise rent payment willingness predictions
  • Integration-Free: Automated workflows to keep your processes hassle-free and increase net operating income.

Choosing SunScore™ is a step towards a faster, easier, safer and more profitable rental process.

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Our Key Features

SunScore™ is committed to levelling up the tenant screening experience. Here's how we serve you with our unique features:

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Fast and Accurate

Receive comprehensive tenant screening reports in seconds, enabling informed and unbiased decision-making.

tenant financial report
Swift Verification

our cutting-edge technology verifies every applicant's ID, income, and employment in seconds, no matter how they earn money

tenant financial analysis report
Holistic Financial Analysis

Our advanced AI algorithms provide insights on an applicant's lease to income ratio, debt to income ratio, number of months reserves, and even forecast their likelihood of making rent payments.

See why our customers love us

credit scoring tenant screening our customers love us great products great reports

"SunScoreTM for tenant screening has been a game-changer for our rental business. The comprehensive screening reports provided by SunScoreTM give us a deep understanding of each applicant's financial history, allowing us to make informed decisions with confidence. The AI-powered algorithms analyze crucial financial metrics, such as income-to-rent ratio and credit history, providing us with a clear picture of an applicant's financial stability. Thanks to SunScore, we have been able to minimize the risk of late payments and ensure a smooth rental experience for both tenants and property owners."

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Anvesh Kumar
co-owner, Black Diamond North
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